Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm on vacation now until just past the New Year. Hmm. The word "new" is interesting. In Russian it is "novi;" in Polish, "novi;" in Latin, "novus;" in Spanish, "nuevo;" in French "neuve;" in Italian, "nuovo;" in German "neuer;" in Greek "kenooryos;" Irish Gaelic "nua;" Urdu: "abhinav;" (one surmises that "-nav" carries through the ancient Indoeuropean sourceword. in Hungarian "új" (pronounced "ooy") - from which we can surmise that Hungarian is not in the same family as the other languages; in Hebrew "chadash" (ch pronounced as in "Bach"), also not Indoeuropean, Zulu: -sha (a suffix) - not Indoeuropean, Mandarin: xin (tone 1) - definitely not Indoeuropean. So, to end the thought:
xin nian kwai-le. Happy new year!


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